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    Key Features

    Machine Size: 800x 990x 550 mm; 31.5x39 x21.6 inch

    Table Size: X 648 x Y 900 mm; X 25.5x Y 35.5 inch              

    Engraving Area: X 500 x Y 760 x Z 100 mm; X 20 x Y 30 x Z 4 inch               

    Max. Engraving Speed: 25~2500 mm/min; 1~98 inch         

    Spindle Motor: 200W DC Motor          

    Spindle Speed(Variable): 20000 RPM              

    Machine Weight: 68kgs; 150 lbs             

    Engraving Material: Plastic (ABS, Acrylic) , Wood, Foam, Modeling Wax, Styrenefoam, Epoxy Tooling Board…etc

    Tool Diameter: φ4 mm OR ER11 Collect Chuck Set (Clamping range: 1~6.35mm)

    Resolution: 0.05 mm; 0.002 inch



    Artwork industry: Relief engraving, 3D character engraving, name brand making, small gift, souvenirs,  various decoration, figures on small windows, fences, wall, etc.

    Advertising industry: cutting/engraving/drilling, photo engraving on wood, MDF, bamboo, plastic, PVC, acrylic, ABS, two colors board, soft metals etc.

    Stamps making industry: Carving on various materials like rubber, acrylic, plastic, wood and bamboo and so on.



    - Graphical User Interface

     The vivid interface and simple operation has been designed for general users.

    - Digital Photo

     Engrave your photos on wood and acrylic easily. You just need to provide a digital photo. The Bravoprodigy

    EDIT software can read file formats such as *.bmp, *.jpg and *.png.

    - High Compatibility

     Compatible with Cut 2D, Cut 3D, PhotoVCarve, ArtCAM and BMP programs.

    - Save Money

     With our software suite, Bravoprodigy EDIT and Bravoprodigy CNC, you don’t need to buy other

    off-the-shelf software to complete your own engraving project.



    - Easy to Operate

     You don’t need to think how to use it. Just follow 4C (Click, Convert, Command, Carve).

    - So Easy, so Breezy!

    Use the game pad to control the coordinates. So easy, so breezy.

    - Design

    This product has been designed especially for beginners.

    The operation is the most simple and straightforward in the world.

    - Compact and Portable

    You can move this compact and portable desktop tool from place to place. You can engrave wherever and

    whenever you like.

    - All in One

    You can DRILL, MILL, CUT, SHAPE and CARVE with this mini CNC engraving machine.

    - Multi-Function

    Ideal for school education, hobbies, DIY projects, carpenter and business.

    4c only



    Wooden relief:

    Wooden relief.jpg Photo engraving on acrylic(Lithophane …etc):

    Photo engraving on acrylic.jpg

     Nameplates and store signs:

    Nameplates and store signs.jpg

    3D models and 3D puzzle:

    3D models and 3D puzzle.jpg



     Soft metal engrave(Copper, Aluminum…etc) :

    Soft metal engrave.jpg




    Company profile:

    New Ren Yang Enterprise Corp. is one of the leading mini CNC engraving machine manufacturers and Suppliers which provides Tile Saw in Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1982, NRY has been growing steadily in the scope of DIY industry especially in tile saw. In 1995, we changed our direction into construction tools manufacturing successfully. At the very beginning, New Ren Yang was founded as an Induction Motor manufacturer; therefore we are expert in selecting the optimal motors for power tool.

    With more than 30 years' experience and innovation in design and manufacturing of power tool, we continue to develop newer and better products in order to satisfy customer's need and supply more choices for our customers. Due to that, we started developing the BRAVOPRODIGY mini CNC engraving machine from 2006. The engraving machine is easy to learn and operate, which is especially designed for beginner to professional user.

    assemblyline.jpgOur main products:

    CNC engraver; CNC router; mini CNC; mini CNC engraver; mini CNC router; 3D cylinder CNC engraver;

    acrylic engraver; 3D engraver; wood engraver; foam engraver.



    4 inch Tile Saw; 7 inch Tile Saw; 10 inch Tile Saw


    Our advantage:

    Advance tech, high quality product, competitive price, CE, UL, ISO Certification and best service.

    ENGARVER ISO&CE&ULOur Guarantee & After Sales Services:

    1) The machine guarantee is 12 months.
    2) 24 hours technical support by phone, email or skype.

    Agents Wanted:

    We are looking for agents, you are welcome to inquire for further details.

    ※Pay the payment with Paypal, need to pay 8% processing fee.

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    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:Other ,TT ,PayPal


    • To Make A Chinese Style Bamboo Treasure

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